Ice Horse




Renne’s wintry tale follows the rite of passage of a little skewbald horse. After enjoying the winning combination of snow and horses, children will certainly want the extra information provided in unobtrusive ‘fact boxes’ about the adaptation of this special breed to the harsh Icelandic climate.

—Gillian Lathey, the School Librarian journal

Evocative illustrations convey the beauty and chill of the Icelandic landscape.

—Child Education

One day the little Icelandic horse is chased away from the herd by a black stallion. He is forced to roam the grasslands on his own. As winter comes and the snow starts to fall, will the little skewbald horse save the day when the herd of Icelandic horses is endangered by the snow and ice?

Along with the beautiful illustrations and gripping story, this book is full of interesting facts about Icelandic horses—their history, appearance, and how they live—which will appeal to all animal-loving children.

For more information on Icelandic horses, visit the website of Pentland Hills Icelandics in Carlops, Scotland, at They have the largest herd of Icelandic horses in Britain.

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