AHE News – Spring 2014 – Engaging Autism

Special Edition - 16 pages


In addition to an excellent presentation by Paula Moraine surrounding the nature autism through an understanding of executive functions, there are articles about international extra lesson work and school workshops.  This issue’s President’s Message recounts John Greene’s personal experience through his daughter’s mild dyslexia.


  • President’s Message – John Greene
  • Workshops in Schools Report – Mary Jo Oresti, M.A.
  • Who Is Here? Educational Support for Adolescents – Paul Gierlach, with Sibylle Eichstaedt and Eleanor Winship
  • “Our rightful place as educators is to be removers of hindrances . . .” – Rudolf Steiner
  • Supporting International Curative Education – Becky Rutherford and Jan Christopher Goeschel
  • Sensitive Systems – Gerry LoDolce
  • Everyday Executive Functions – Paula Moraine
  • Weaving the Invitation to Incarnate – Workshop with Joan Treadaway
  • The Senses in Art and Play – Katie Reily
  • Beholding What You See: The Signature of the Ego

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