AHE News – November 2007 – Focus on the Classroom



  • President’s Message
  • Individualizing When Teaching Movement to Groups of Children in the Grades – Ingun Schneider
  • Reports and Announcements
  • Balancing the Dynamic Between the Individual and the Group
  • Classroom Activities: Part Two – Observing the Children – Gerry LoDolce
  • Book Review: Foundations of the Extra Lesson by Joep Eikenboom – Connie Helms, M.Ed.
  • Reflections About Working with the Children on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota – Evelyn Barber
  • Book Review: Reading Children’s Drawings: the Person, House and Tree Motifs by Audrey McAllen – Ingun Schneider
  • International Extra Lesson/Remedial/Resource Teacher Trainings – Rachel Ross
  • Announcement: From the Association for a Healing Education and Sundbridge College
  • New AHE Board Members
  • Excerpt: Resource Teacher’s Developmental Exercise Manual, Volume 2

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