My Descent into Death

A Second Chance at LIfe

Howard Storm

Hardbound, dust jacketed

Foreword by Anne Rice


As an atheist, Howard Storm was convinced that death marked the end of consciousness. But then he died and went to hell.

For years Howard Storm lived the American dream as a successful art professor and painter. Suddenly he found himself in the hospital awaiting surgery, and he realized with horror that his death was a real possibility. As an atheist, he was totally unprepared for what happened next. Storm found himself out of his body, staring at his own physical form, fully aware and more alive than ever before. In his spirit form, he was drawn into fearsome realms of darkness, where he experienced the terrible consequences of a selfish, materialistic life. Then he entered regions of light where he conversed with angelic beings and the Lord of Light Himself, who sent him back to Earth with a message of love. Storm shares his lessons learned in conversations with spiritual beings, revealing future conditions, the meaning of life, what happens when we die, the role of angels, and much more.

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