AHE News – Fall 2013 – Deepening Our Work Together



With its focus on deepening and integrating AHE educational support into the life of Waldorf schools, this issue picks up many themes that offer a rounded picture of how very much the Extra Lesson can do for students, teachers, and parents.  Well worth reading – inspiring, too.


  • President’s Message – John Green
  • The Human Being as Archetype:  Joep Eikenboom at the International Extra Lesson Conference, August 2013 – Judithe Melton
  • Eurythmy with Alice Stamm – Anna Raineville
  • This Little Piggy Went to Market: How Extra Lesson Nourishes Early Childhood, Too – Workshops with Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark – Helena Mitchell
  • Red and Green Diagnostic Painting Workshop: Prepared by Kristine Fiskum and Mary Brauer, presented by Mary Brauer
  • The Magic of String Games with Mary Brauer – David Eichler
  • Color Experience in Light and Darkness with Erica Eikenboom
  • Nursery Rhyme Bean Bag Fun – Laurie Clark [teachers take note: there are 18 rhymes with bean bag movements here!]
  • The Madonna Series with Joan Treadaway – Jillian Hirschberger

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