Witch Silver

Book 5 of the Dragonfire Series

Anne Forbes



“Her death would, she supposed, be quite an event in the world of magic and as Maritza, the Queen of the Earth Witches, approached, she wondered idly who else would be watching …”

A death, a new house, a new school—and more witches with evil intentions than they had previously encountered. The realities of life come knocking at Neil and Clara’s door, leading them into a darker, more nail-biting adventure than ever before. When Clara inherits a silver amulet from her aunt, the Macleans’s magic connections take a decidedly perilous turn.

Containing an explosive, unexpected twist in the tale so far, the latest installment in Anne Forbes’s Dragonfire series will not disappoint as the story unfolds and family secrets are revealed.

Ages 9-12

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