A Home

Paintings from a Bygone Age

Carl Larsson



Now also available along with the out-of-print books A Family and A Farm in the combined gift edition, Carl Larsson’s Home, Family and Farm.

From Nancy:
Another gift for the heart by Carl Larsson. Larsson himself had a very difficult home as a child and thus loved all the more the good home he and his wife created for their own family. These paintings are symphonies of that love and a beautiful, warm addition to any home.

From the publisher:
Carl Larsson is one of Sweden’s best-loved artists. His stunning watercolours of his home and family from the end of the nineteenth century are acclaimed as one of the richest records of life at that time. The paintings in this book all depict Larsson’s home in the village of Sundborn in west Sweden, where he lived with his wife Karin and eight children for many years. The accompanying text provides a fascinating insight into Larsson family life, and Carl’s painting techniques. Today, over 60,000 tourists a year visit Sundborn to admire Larsson’s home and work.

32 pages, 15 color plates, 11 1/2″ x 8 1/4″, 2006.

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