The Tyger Voyage

Richard Adams

Illustrated by Nicola Bayley

Hardbound, dust jacketed, large format


This is one of the most delightful children’s books I’ve come upon in a while.  Richard Adams (better known as the author of Watership Down), has created a fantasy that will have everyone in the family smiling and chuckling from beginning to end.  To add to the fun, the entire story is told in humorous rhyming quatrains, matched perfectly by Nicola Bayley’s superb paintings.

A gentleman tyger and his son set sail in a rather dubious boat into the timeless unknown.  Together they roam across the seas, through jungles, past ice-covered mountains and erupting volcanoes to be rescued at last by a troupe of gypsies.  Eventually they return in triumph to Victorian England with many an extraordinary tale to tell.

Just right for anyone age 7 and up.

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