Weather Almanac

Eric Sloane


Line-drawing illustrations by the author throughout


Weather Almanac is a wonderful resource for those teaching the Meteorology block in the Waldorf curriculum (about Grade 6) or for eager students studying the same block.  It’s also a delightful book just to keep around and pick up from time to time — there’s always something more to be learned, and no end of interesting things to discover.

In addition to being an artist and folklorist, Eric Sloane was TV’s first weatherman and an author whose books offer a rich combination of history, lore, and practical information.  Weather Almanac combines Eric Sloane’s Almanac and Weather Forecaster with Folklore of American Weather into a single volume filled with fascinating forecasting tips based on wind, clouds, the moon, and other natural phenomena.  Sloane relates each month of the year to typical weather conditions, highlighting his observations with 135 nostalgic drawings.

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