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From the mind and heart of a truly great Waldorf teacher comes a teaching story that I believe the world has been waiting for for a very long time.  Even if Multiplicando weren’t teaching, it would still be a great children’s story, with warm and funny characters, interesting adventures and one surprising discovery after another on each page.  The fact that this riveting story also teaches multiplication and its relationship to the other 3 mathematical processes, and teaches all this so clearly and thoroughly, makes Multiplicando a gift for the ages.

Divided into twenty-two chapters, Multiplicando, follows the humorous adventures of (who else?) Multiplicando, Jester to the Court of King Divide and His Queen, the Highness Minus.  Using these stories over several weeks, teachers and parents can lead their students into the mysteries of multiplication, and come to see how that relates to division, subtraction and addition.  Students will come away with a story they will remember well enough to look back upon as adults, and with a clear understanding of multiplication and the nature of all 4 processes.

Additionally, at the back of the book the author has shared all sorts of teaching tips and tricks, so many that its a bit like finding the King’s treasure house.

Multiplicando is a treasure and a joy.  I would wish every student could have such an introduction to mathematics.

Ideal for helping to learn the multiplication tables in Grade 3.

8 1/2″ x 11″

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