The Human Life

Understanding Your Biography

George and Gisela O'Neil, Florin Lowndes


Includes poster-size life chart for plotting personal biographical patterns


This classic handbook explores an anthroposophical approach to personal biography that can be both revealing and inspiring.  It has been long out of print and we are delighted to again be able to share it with what has become a much wider and receptive public.

Using the Life Chart as a pictorial representation of your own life and following the methods and insights offered by The Human Life, you will find your own patterns leaping off the sheet and into your awareness and heart.  Having done this many years ago, I am still startled at the power of this method and its revelations, and marvel that over and over again, it just works so very well and is so very accurate.

The gifts of The Human Life are there to be worked with.  Please, don’t let this just become bedside reading: try it.  Your surprise will be exceeded only by the clarity and warmth this knowledge about yourself will breathe into your life.

  1. Inspirational! This book is great. There is a lot of information and guidance. The book is as relevant as ever, even more so now, as we teeter on the brink of our modern karma. We need to understand both individual and universal human nature to survive and this book will help! Looking forward to Florin’s next book.