What Animals Say to Each Other

30 Nature Fables in Rhyme

Jakob Streit



These story rhymes are a joy!  Jakob Streit has managed to capture so much that is essential about different animals and insects, and to do so in such a way as to charm child and adult alike.  We get to listen in as Butterfly talks to Cricket, or Squirrel and Cat converse, and in so doing get to meet them both as they might tell us they see their world.

I must mention how truly wonderful Nina Kuettel’s translations of these poems are: poetry, particularly metered and rhymed verse such as this, is incredibly hard to translate well.  Nina’s translations are nothing less than masterful.  Thank you, Nina.

Also – the black and white drawings by Kilian Beck, a very gifted 13-year-old, add a delightful dimension to this lovely book.

Perfect for the Grade 4 Animals block, for Grade 2 Fables, or for anytime when a humorous nature story seems like just the right thing.

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