AHE News – November 2005 – Trauma: Ways to Help



  • President’s Message
  • Adjunct Therapies for Traumatized or Stressed Children – Ross Rentea, MD
  • Short Term Activities – Mary Jo Oresti
  • Treating Trauma with Eurythmy – An interview with Susann Eddy, class & therapeutic eurythmist
  • Sandplay: Gateway to the Soul – Elizabeth Baring, ATR-BC, NCPsyA
  • Callot Painting Therapy: Trauma Issues with a Young Child – Martha Loving Orgain, MFA, CPT
  • Shock and Trauma – Mariola Strahlberg, founder of Shining Mountain Children’s Center
  • Case Study – Mary Jo Oresti
  • Turning Our Minds to Meditations – two verses by Adam Bittleston
  • Good News from Ireland
  • Santa Cruz Parent Group
  • News from Lifeways
  • The Integrity of the Extra Lesson
  • Deepening Our Work in the Extra Lesson
  • AHE News
  • Question & Answer from the Road: What is the difference between a strong willed child and a willful child. – Rachel Ross
  • New Board Member: Connie Helms

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