A Handbook for Waldorf Class Teachers, 2nd Edition

Waldorf Research Books No. 1

Kevin Avison

Sprial Bound


Out of Print. Replaced by A Handbook for Steiner-Waldorf Class Teachers, 3rd Edition

This popular book is a useful and practical resource for Waldorf school teachers and offers a great deal to homeschoolers as well. It provides detailed suggestions and checklists for teaching all lessons for classes 1 through 8. Especially useful are Avison’s Readiness and Skills checklist, which give quick clarification to anyone wishing to evaluate a student’s beginning understandings and capacities along with later accomplishments in a subject area.  General development is also covered, from several perspectives at each grade level.

The extensive appendix features a compilation of planners for Waldorf teachers, as well as a collection of example records for students and their teachers.

Avison’s frequently witty advice provides an interesting and easy-to-navigate help for creative teaching activities and management.

98 pages, 8 1/4″ x 11 5/8″, 2004.

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