Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour

Susan Perrow



Susan Perrow has developed the art of pedagogical stories to a luminescent degree. In her beautiful book she offers dozens of stories, some her own, some traditional and retold by her. Each story carries with it the seed of healing for just about any childhood problem, from unruly behavior to deep grieving. Her voice is one of warmth and caring, her stories are richly engaging to young and old alike.

Having her book at hand is like having a medicine chest filled with homeopathic remedies for all conditions – and, like homeopathy, Susan’s stories are guaranteed to produce no unwanted side effects.

Healing Stories includes chapters on creating stories and on the art of storytelling, as well as stories selected for their ability to heal. This is a resource that is so vast in its usefulness that we predict it will become one of the most sought after parent/teacher resources ever printed.

  1. after having read this book by Susan Perrow, i am not only inspired to write stories but investigate through research how teachers can develop the imaginative power of story creation. A must read for all parents, teachers and care givers in general.