The Care and Development of the Human Senses

Willi Aeppli

Softbound, saddle stitched


This small book has for years been treasured by Waldorf teachers and others interested in the nature of human sensory perception and how education can foster and develop it.  Aeppli’s in-depth presentation of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on the nature of the twelve human senses as he saw them and their role in education continues to resonate with practical applications and inspiration.



  • A general conception about the significance of the sense-organism
  • Perception and thinking
  • The threefold nature of the human organism

The Human Sense-organism

  • The origin of the sense-organs
  • Number and grouping of the senses
  • The four lower senses
  • The four middle senses
  • The four upper senses
  • Relations between the lower and upper senses

The Development of the Sense-organism

  • Human development
  • Individual development
  • The loss of the sense-organism
  • Possibilities for an enlivening and ensouling of the sense-organism

The Cultivation of the Sense-organism through Education

  • Stages of ‘object lessons’
  • The cultivation of living thinking
  • The cultivation of the will-senses
  • The cultivation of the feeling senses
  • The cultivation of the cognitive senses
  • The cultivation of the sense of sound
  • The cultivation of the sense of language
  • The cultivation of the sense of thought
  • The cultivation of the ego-sense


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