A Guide to Child Health – Third Edition

Michaela Glöckler & Wolfgang Goebel



Recommended to parents.

— British Homeopathic Journal

This book should be on the shelf of every parent and general practitioner.

—Anthroposophy Today

This is the definitive guide for parents on children’s physical, psychological, and spiritual development. It combines medical advice with the essential issues of raising and educating children.

The authors outline the connection between education and healing and discuss its implications for the raising healthy children. Medical, educational, and spiritual questions often overlap, and, when looking for the significance of any illness, it is necessary to study a child as a whole being of body, soul, and spirit.

The authors based their theory and practice on seventeen years of experience in the children’s outpatient department at the Herdecke Hospital in Germany, which is guided by the principles of anthroposophic medicine.

Part one covers childhood ailments and home care. Part two looks at the healthy development of children and how to create the ideal conditions for them. The authors also examine issues of raising and educating children and how this affects them later on in life. This book is extremely practical. It presents cases of conflict and crisis, along with potential solutions. The new edition lists medical and health practices in North America, Southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

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