The Jungle Book – Hardbound, fully illustrated

Rudyard Kipling

Hardbound, lavishly illustrated, impeccably designed and bound


This is a book for the giving and the cherishing.  I think all of us have practically forgotten that books could be produced so well that the holding of them and looking at them become a part of the telling of their story.  This is such a book.  It is consummately typeset with such balance and beauty that each word seems to have its own special life on the page.  The paper itself is a joy: heavy weight, archival quality, non-acid.

And then there are the illustrations!  These are the original illustrations that really brought The Jungle Book and the mystery of life in Eastern lands to the English speaking world.  They are also the illustrations I grew up with and rediscovering them has been sheer bliss.  The warmth of the paintings, the grandeur and beauty of the scenes just comes alive the in the illustrations by M & E Detmold.  To be able to again share these with children (and yourself!) makes my heart glad.

A true bonus is that, as with the first edition, this volume contains not only The Jungle Book, but also three of Kipling’s shorter works: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Toomai of the Elephants, Her Majesty’s Servants, all boasting the same beauty of illustration.

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