Educating through Arts and Crafts

An integrated approach to craft work in Steiner Waldorf Schools

Edited by Michael Martin

Softbound, large format.

Hundreds of drawings and photographs


Educating through Arts and Crafts is as beautiful as it is masterful in its telling.  Michael Martin has drawn together 30 articles and essays on various aspects of both the art curriculum and the crafts curriculum of Waldorf education.  All of these are illustrated with drawings and photos that bring to life the joy of creation as well as detailing the pedagogical wealth which each represents.  If any book on Waldorf education can be said to be a luscious “coffee table book,” Educating through Arts and Crafts is it.

It is also a deeply serious and thorough examination of the importance of these subjects to the development and full education of our children, and of their life-giving impact on the adults they are to become.  I have never before encountered such pedagogical depth coupled with such love and beauty.  This book is a treasure that I believe has the capacity to breath new life and energy into Waldorf education as a whole; it will certainly inspire anyone who reads it.

My hope is that each person who reads it carries its wisdom into their own hands and then teaches that wisdom of the hands to at least one student.  That will be a beautiful in-spiriting indeed!

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