Mathematics in Nature, Space and Time

John Blackwood


Formerly published as Mathematics Around Us and Mathematics in Space and Time


Mathematics in Nature, Space and Time brings teachers (and thereby students) lesson after lesson from the Grade 7  Waldorf mathematics curriculum: a tour de force review of geometric construction, from perpendicular angles to generalized spiroids; the harmonies and proportions of nature (spirals, Fibonnaci sequences, Golden angles, more); the nature of numbers themselves (numeric representation, binary numbers, units of measure, set theory, the magic of Pythagoras’ Theorem and Bhaskara’s demonstration).

What makes Blackwood’s guide so outstanding is that in addition to really clear and easy-to-follow explanations of every single thing to be covered in these lesson blocks, practically every page has one or more main lesson page, colored drawing, or photograph that will inspire the master teacher and leave a clear, richly laden path for the new teacher.

John Blackwood then takes on the 8th grade Waldorf mathematics curriculum and guides us through an exploration of the Platonic Solids with mathematical precision and an artist’s eye for color and form. It is heartstoppingly wonderful to see and read his exposition of these forms — I’m quite sure Plato must be smiling.

He then completes the block with lessons on Rhythms and Cycles that brings alive the relationships of both space and time. You’ll love it. More importantly, so will your student(s). Blackwood’s work is one of the most valuable contributions to the teaching of the Waldorf curriculum to have ever been published.

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