Batistine’s Summer with Grandpa

Treska Lindsey


Batistine's Summer with Grandpa

Spend a glorious summer with Batistine on her Grandpa’s rustic farm!  In sunshine, fresh air and sheer joy, Batistine learns about the animals of the farm and those of the fields, when to harvest, how to do all manner of chores, even bridling the great big horse!  Grandpa teaches her more, too.  Together they talk about being together, parting, what a stupendous accomplishment learning to count is, and watch the clouds float across the sky.  Treska Lindsey’s beautiful story has much the same feel as Heidi, but with much more detail about farm life, told with such love and joy that it never once is anything other than a riveting part of the story.  This is a book that will create warm memories for both parent and child, teacher and student.  I can’t think of a child anywhere who wouldn’t love Batistine and her Grandpa and all the animals and things on Grandpa’s farm.  Truly outstanding!

Ages 5 and up.  Ideal as an accompaniment to the Waldorf 3rd Grade block on farming and gardening.

  1. Treska Lindsey is an amazing storyteller and artist. She uniquely captures a child’s exploration of nature. As an anthroposophic physician and previous Waldorf parent, I appreciate that her books are wonderfully resonant with Waldorf values. I wish every child could have the opportunity to visit her in Flat Rock, where she tends her gardens, chickens, pigeons, and goats, and makes the best nettle soup!