In the Land of Warminess

Treska Lindsey

Interior spiral bound - large format


A long, long, long, very long time ago lived Tiny One, a little boy whose father had a great deal of trouble being happy.  As a result, whenever other dads played with their children, or said, “Wowee!” when their kids chopped wood, Tiny One’s dad just sat in his cave blowing smoke rings.  When Tiny One showed his dad owls, foxes, even field mice taking loving care of their children, his dad just mumbled, “Ho-hum.”

But the one day Tiny One wandered into the Land of Warminess, a place where the Woollymoms lived.  When they found Tiny One and heard about his sad father and how sad Tiny One’s life was, they gathered round, creating warminess everywhere and setting things right.

This is a beautiful story about the nature of love, about happiness and about how to find it and make it your own.  I can hardly wait to share it with my grandchildren!*

*When I do share it with them (they are not quite old enough yet), I will be doing a wee bit of bowdlerizing.  I plan to call the Woollymoms “Woollywarms.”  I don’t think it is only dads who get too sad to be happy and enthusiastic with their children, and it is certainly not only moms who create warmth in a family.  But I do think this is a beautiful story, filled with love and power.  And I hope that many, many children get to hear it and love it as I do.

  1. Another great book from Treska Lindsey. How can you not love a book that comes up with “warminess” as a word? Snuggle up with your child and read this one!