AHE News – Spring 2012 – Educational Support – A Multidisciplinary Approach


This issue is filled with perspectives from members and friends on an extremely essential topic: What are the guiding principles when employing various methods and therapies to lessen a child’s hindrances?


  • President’s Message
  • Multidisciplinary Approach for Movement Programs – Mary Jo Oresti, MA
  • Suggestions for “Outside” Interventions – Ingun Schneider
  • Reflections on Sharing a Space with a Non-Extra Lesson Therapist – Beth Down
  • Extra Lesson and Therapeutic Eurythmy – Rachel Ross, M.Ed.
  • Extra Lesson and Chirophonetics: A Meaningful Combination – Maria Eugenia Obniski
  • Therapeutic Singing – Diane Barnes
  • Look for the Silver Lining – Sue Martin
  • Announcements

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