The Multifaceted Life of Emil Molt (Father of the Waldorf School)

Entrepreneur, Political Visionary, and Seeker for the Spirit

Sophia Christine Murphy



While it is true that Rudolf Steiner created Waldorf Education and its pedagogy, it is equally true that without Emil Molt, there would be no Waldorf schools, nor would Steiner have been called upon to create the curriculum guidelines.  It was Emil Molt’s idea to begin a school for the children of the workers in the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette factory, and it was Emil Molt who personally funded most of the school during Steiner’s lifetime.  He wanted very much to improve the lives of the factory workers and to create a school where children could grow into adults who bore within them both a social and spiritual vision.

Sophia Christine Murphy has given us a beautifully written, amazingly well-researched and detailed biography of her grandfather, Emil Molt.  We are so happy to see his life portrayed with such care and understanding.  Emil Molt’s was truly a spirit who sought always to offset the destruction he saw from the war, from revolutionary movements with violent tendencies, and from uncaring industrialism.  That he succeeded so very well is in itself inspiring – that his work continues in the form of Waldorf Schools, remarkable.

We hope many people can get to know Emil Molt through this book.  The strength of his character comes as an answer to much that our world needs in the present.

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