Partnerships of Hope

Building Waldorf School Communities

Christopher Schaefer, PhD



Keeping beauty within the administration of a growing organization; ensuring that the reasons that organization exists don’t get lost; setting a standard of excellence for all who make up the body of the organization; and creating an atmosphere of both enthusiasm and peace — none of this is easy.  At Waldorf schools, however, it is really essential to the outcomes of the education of children that these goals be achieved.

Christopher Schaefer has explored the multifaceted life of Waldorf schools in ways that are inspiring and useful.  In Partnerships of Hope, he takes us into the heart of the various areas of school life and shows how we can come together wakefully and move forward both joyfully and effectively.  I find that there is a quiet beauty in what he offers that I hope will find its way into increasingly more schools.


  • The Dialogue of Social Creation: Practicing Social Art
  • Phases of Waldorf School Development
  • Self-Administration and Governance in Waldorf Schools
  • Working Together in Groups and Communities
  • Developing a Culture of Leadership, Learning and Service
  • Transformation and Renewal in Waldorf Schools
  • Rudolf Steiner as Social Thinker and Reformer
  • The Experience of Hope: Waldorf Schools as Cathedrals of the 21st Century
  • An Education for Peace, for Hope and for the Social Future

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