What Color Is the Wind?

A Feel Guide to the Out-of-doors for Parents with Young Children

Ed Bieber

Hard cover, spiral bound


We often talk about nature as if it were some sort of parallel universe – a Great Outdoors that we canonly visit from time to time: seashore, mountains, zoo, farm, national park, bird sanctuary.  The fact is, nature is all around us, every day, and we can learn a lot from it just by paying attention.  The simple activities in this book, seasonally arranged, respect the capacity of children and parents to share in the excitement of what’s happening in the world around them, to wake up and have fun in the moment. There are no learning points or weighty intentions . . . only some gentle-but-insistent prompting to get you out the door.  You’ll soon discover your own motivations for whiling away the hours amid nature’s abundant delights.

What Color Is the Wind? is about parents and children connecting with each other, the ground under their fee, the sky above them, and everything in-between.  Societal pressures, busy schedules, ‘virtual’ entertainments and a daunting economic climate have been conspiring to limit the time parents spend with their children, in the open air most of all.  In Ed Bieber’s 40 years as a naturalist/educator who has introduced thousands of children to the out-of-doors, he has found one sure-fire answer to what has been called “nature deficit disorder.”  It lies right outside our doors and windows.  Open them wide, and get outside.

This book will help you do just that.  With joy.

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