Wee Granny’s Magic Bag

Elizabeth McKay and Maria Bogade



Emily and Harry love going on trips with Wee Granny. Surprising things always happen when she brings her tartan bag. One Christmas, while singing carols, Harry’s candle blew out. Granny reached into her bag and pulled out a lamppost to help them see! Last summer, while at the beach, Wee Granny rummaged around in her tartan bag and pulled out deck chairs for each of them to sit on.

Today they are going to the park, and when Mum calls to ask Granny if she’ll bake some cakes for the school fair, an incredible afternoon begins.

A very funny picture book about two children and their amazing granny. With huge surprises on every page, you’ll never guess what will appear next from Wee Granny’s magic bag.

(Ages 3–6)

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