Colour Pathways for the Soul

Process Inspired Painting and Drawing

Cläre Kunze

Interactive PDF with multi-link features on CD-rom

Includes over a hundred example paintings and drawings in full color


Colour Pathways for the Soul may well constitute the best use of pdf media ever presented to the world.  Cläre Kunze’s beautiful book would, in the world of paper printing, cost several time’s its current price in order to render each painting or drawing in all her exercises and examples at a size and quality that would be both informative and inspiring.  By choosing to print her book in electronic format, she has accomplished sending her extraordinary teaching out into the world with beauty and inspiration and at a price that can reach many more of us than if it were printed on paper.

The content of her book is wonderful to behold.  I have never encountered a better explanation of the conversational, soul building, heart opening qualities that are truly what anthroposophical painting and drawing is all about.  When one listens with love to the colors and forms that emerge on paper, beauty springs forth with a joy that makes the heart sing.  Cläre’s teaching takes you into this world and gives you the process and instruction you need to set on on this journey of discovery and growth.

You’ll also find her explorations of Goethe’s color theory and its role in Steiner’s artistic impulse to be very clear and warm, and her understanding of this form of art and its potential for world healing to be both deep and true.

This book is a gift which we hope will move many toward the world of color, form, and heart-opened listening.

Table of Contents:

Instructions for Use

  1. Introduction
  2. Painting as ‘soul building’
  3. The importance of J.W. Goethe’s colour theory for transformative painting today
  4. Picture pages and practice sequences
  5. On contemplative drawing
  6. Art and Salutogenesis. Drawing plants
  7. Educating the imagination

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