Raising the Soul

Practical Exercises for Personal Development

Warren Lee Cohen



Raising the Soul is a warm and engaging guide to 7 basic exercises (6 of which resemble closely the 6 Basic Exercises as described by Rudolf Steiner) developed over centuries and in many different cultures for the purpose of training ourselves toward moral equanimity, purposeful action and love.  William Cohen’s explanations very clearly come from personal experience and a warm interest in helping others.  As such, reading Raising the Soul is like inviting a good friend into your home and having that friend prove to be very wise and very generous in sharing that wisdom.  It is truly a beautiful book without being in the least bit sentimental, and I think that anyone who is interested in self-development will find it becomes a lifelong companion.  I can’t recommend it highly enough and am very grateful that William Lee Cohen wrote it.

The book is organized so that each chapter introduces a different soul capacity that can be developed in turn.  The headings include:

  • Review of the Day
  • Clear Thinking
  • Intention in Action
  • Balance in Feeling
  • Positive World View
  • Open Mind
  • Gratitude

In addition to Cohen’s clear descriptions of the exercises, there are also chapters that answer many general questions”

  • Along the Way: Obstacles and Progress
  • Harmonizing Intentions
  • What Is the Soul?

The appendices offers a plan of action for integrating meditative activity into your life.

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