Trust and Wonder

A Waldorf Approach to Caring for Infants and Toddlers

Eldbjørg Gjessing Paulsen


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Trust and Wonder is a resoundingly beautiful book, filled with the love and warmth that we all want each child to receive.  To read it is to be bathed in a caring that enlivens as it nurtures – it is to experience in your heart that which the author is teaching: how to love a child such that they themselves grow confident, strong and loving.

Eldbjørg Paulsen’s experience as a mother, grandmother and Waldorf kindergarten teacher in Norway, and as a mentor teacher trainer and founder of a baby care project in South Africa enables her to gift us all with insights, practical suggestions, examples and so very much that makes her book go far beyond the theoretical and straight to the heart of what we need in order to do what she has done.

I can’t recommend Trust and Wonder highly enough – it is a gem and a gift to anyone who is raising or caring for an infant or toddler.

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