Gardening for Health & Nutrition

An Introduction to the Method of Biodynamic Gardening

John and Helen Philbrick



A simple, down-to-earth introduction to the method of biodynamic gardening written especially for the backyard gardener – this was the first book I ever read about Biodynamics, way back when. Since that time, I have often returned to it, just so that I could remember clearly how simple gardening can be, and how much I love it.

The Philbricks introduce the gardener to an obvious, often forgotten principle: gardening is about living things.

Gardening for Health and Nutrition is a simple and practical guide for the beginning gardener. It deals with planning a vegetable garden: how, when, and where to plant seeds and tools and compost making raised beds crop rotation, mulching, and companion plants harvesting, cooking, and preserving. There are also sections on flowers, lawns, and home orchards.

Gardening for Health & Nutrition concludes with a useful chapter on “most frequently asked questions.” If you are planning a garden—or need a few tips for the one you have, this is a book you’ll want.

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