Rites of Passage Workbook – 2nd Edition

Creating Ritual and Ceremony

Linda Knodle

Saddle stitched


Over the years, I have followed Linda Knodle’s “Coming of Age” curriculum work with great interest and no small amount of gratitude.  She has opened doors and hearts for both students and adults, and has been instrumental in bringing human warmth and wisdom into the realm of what is generally called “sex education.”

This little booklet continues the journey in a deeply practical way that is informed by love and a beautiful understanding of the human heart.  In it is a training exploration for adults seeking to offer their children and students meaningful ceremony to mark the key events of coming of age.

As with homeopathic remedies, its size is in inverse proportion to its healing capacity, and it is my hope that it is never just read, but is actually worked through by enthusiastic adults throughout the world.  The results of that working, I am convinced, will gift our students with an open-hearted understanding of their own sexuality and capacity for love.

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8 1/2″ x 11″, 2012.

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