The Contest

Caroline Stellings

Book of the Year Award Winner
Foreword Magazine



Originally $9.95 –

Anyone who loves Anne of Green Gables, will love The Contest.

Rosy is a girl who loves Anne of Green Gables, recognizing a kindred spirit when she reads about one.  When Rosy’s favorite librarian tells her that the library is holding an Anne of Green Gables contest and that the prize is a brand new complete set of Anne books, Rosy is thrilled. 

The problem?  It’s a look-alike contest and Rosy is half Mohawk, with long black hair and olive skin.  There’s another wrinkle, too: Rosy’s new friend Lydia looks just like Anne without even trying, right down to the red hair and freckles.  Rosy thinks Lydia is so nice, she doesn’t mind.  But Rosy, like Anne, is undaunted and determines to be the first half-Mohawk ever to win an Anne of Green Gables look-alike contest.  

Kindred spirits never had it so good!  Excellent for ages 9 and up.

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