Journey to Gameland

How to Make a Board Game from your Favorite Children's Book

Ben Buchanan, Carol J. Adams, Susan Allison

Illustrated by Doug Buchanan



Eleven-year-old Ben Buchanan, who created a board game based on the popular Harry Potter books, provides advice for all children who would like to turn their favorite book into a board game. along with his co-authors, he offers a ste-by-step process, with suggestions for parents, librarians, and teachers, on how to help children transform their favorite book into a board game.

The book shows how you can have hours of fun creating the board game – then have lots more hours of fun playing! Journey to Gameland encourages children (and parents and teachers, too!) to develop their own creativity – and to joyously engage with books.

As an aside, I found that I had hours of fun reading Journey to Gameland, too! This is a win-win book!!

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