The Future of Childhood

Alliance for Childhood Articles for the Brussels Conference October 2000

Edited by Christopher Clouder, Sally Jenkinson and Martin Large



Children create our future with their gifts and talents, yet what does childhood mean for us today? Is childhood vanishing under the impact of poverty, commercialism, stress, social breakdown and hot housing? The experience of childhood is influenced by changing cultural patterns and trends. How can we then ensure that all children are given a good foundation for their future life.

The Alliance for Childhood is a forum where individuals and organizations can work together out of respect for childhood, in a world wide effort to improve children’s lives. The Alliance convened this Brussels Conference to explore the following questions:

  • What is childhood to today’s children?
  • What rights do children have?
  • How are parents, professionals and policy makers shaping children’s lives?
  • How are commercialism and the media affecting children?
  • What is the impact of hunger, violence, discrimination and abuse?
  • What guidelines will help form a better environment for childhood?

This lively collection of articles by Conference presenters offers stimulating insight for dialogue about how we can give due respect to children. Contains useful references, contacts and resources for networking.

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