AHE News – Fall 2010 – Healing Work with the Whole Class


I find this issue of AHE’s wonderful newsletter to be of particular interest, primarily because of the photos of students engaged in form drawing on large sheets of paper.  I’ve talked about the importance of these large-scale forms to many of you and am so pleased that there is now a source that shows what is meant and how forms are drawn on large sheets.  There’s an enormous amount you can learn just from the photos, and Joep Eikenboom’s article about using these form exercises is priceless.  Truly, this is an issue not to miss.


  • President’s Message – Mary Jo Oresti
  • Developmental Hand Movement Exercises – Joep Eikenboom
  • Book Review – Developing the Observing Eye
  • Working in a Classroom with Extra Lesson – Joep Eikenboom
  • Interview with Kris Ritz, Class Teacher at Emerson Waldorf School
  • Announcements and Reports
    • Educational Support Programs
    • Conference Plans
  • Bringing the Educational Support Work into the Home – Mary Jo Oresti
  • Raffle Prize Example – Butterfly Dance
  • Passages from Steiner about Handwriting

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