Free to Learn

Introducing Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Lynne Oldfield



This is the most thorough, interesting and inspiring introduction to the Waldorf kindergarten to yet appear in print. The author is to be congratulated indeed!

In the Steiner/Waldorf kindergarten, the teachers’ approach stems from a belief that children’s early learning is profound, that childhood matters and that the early years should be enjoyed, not rushed through. Free to Learn invites and presents a considered discussion of:

  • How do kindergartens enable healthy child development
  • What is ‘movement based learning’?
  • Creative play – why is it so crucial?
  • How do children learn through imitation and rhythm?
  • Why is nourishing the senses important?
  • When are children ready for school?
  • Support for parenting and daycare.
  • This is a unique guide to the principles and methods of Waldorf Early Childhood Education. It comes complete with a wonderful collection of photographs taken inside the kindergarten – those alone make this book a must-have addition to your library. Lynne Oldfield, a master kindergarten teacher, offers an invaluable picture of a stress-free childhood, exciting ways of seeing children, and a heartfelt respect for childhood. A wonderful book!

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