The Shifty Lad

and the Tales He Told

Retold by P. L. Snow



Shifty Lad is sort of a Loki/Coyote figure who comes creating mischief, but also with wondrous stories to tell, so wondrous that they even save his life.  In these tales of roguery and cunning, we learn about his childhood, how he longed to become a thief (and became one!), and his life as a villain of the highways and byways.  We learn how he outwitted the Dark Stranger, and how his gift of storytelling saved his own life.

And, we get to hear his stories, collected by P. L. Snow from the Celtic cultures of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  They are beautiful, traditional folktales that speak of human nature and touch our hearts with laughter and tears.  This is a great collection of timeless tales wrapped in Shifty Lad’s delightful story – a real treat!

Ages 8 to adult.

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