Dragon Feathers

Olga Dugina, Andrei Dugin, Arnica Esterl


We have decided not to make this book available - please read below for an explanation

Dragon Feathers

Bagpipe Angel with Wheeled Chicken Fish

After considering and reconsidering this book, we have concluded that we cannot make it available.  Although the story is wonderful, and the illustrations are highly artistic, the presence of gratuitously fantastic creatures throughout the images runs so counter to everything Steiner wanted for children, and everything we want for children, that we must remove it from our offerings. 

For adults, these images can offer insight into the astral realms (Hieronymous Bosch is the obvious inspiration here); but for children, seeing animals and even an angel with heads and sometimes legs/arms/hands replaced by bagpipe parts, conveys nothing that is healthy or real at their stages of life.  In fact, such images demean the beauty and love held within earthly creation.  For a child to grow whole, it is wholeness that must surround him or her; a pig’s body with people feet and bagpipe head is not an image of wholeness; and what sort of angel would have a bagpipe head? 

Robust children might laugh or giggle at them (is that what we want for them?), but sensitve children may well be treated to a long period of nightmares because of them.  In either case, the outcome of either learning to mock the world or to be terrified of it goes contrary to the interests of the child.

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