A Child’s Way

Slowing Down for Goodness Sake

Sharon Elliott & Carrie Ferguson

Beautiful black and white photos throughout, glossy paper

Hardbound, dust jacketed


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A Child’s Way is a beautiful, artistic lovesong and guide to parenting at the speed of a child.  That is to say, slowly, as if every new thing was a universe in and of itself, which, of course, it is to our little ones.  This is one of the finest books you could give a new parent, and one of the most useful you could give to yourself if you are that parent.

The beauty of this book, the rhapsody of its message might make you expect that it is the sort that will make you feel really good (which is, of course, useful), but won’t really give you the solid information you might be seeking.  The good news is that there is as much guidance and practical suggestions as there is beauty between its covers.  You’ll find suggestions for daily rhythms, activity suggestions and lots and lots of practical tips for warm and healthy childrearing.

This is a wonderful book.

  1. A Child’s Way is a lovely book. Basically, it distills the essential lesson of what our children need in their early years; which I perceive as a sense of spaciousness. The style of writing flows beautifully, and reads as peacefully as the message. Elliott and Ferguson’s work speaks from pregnancy through babyhood, but much could be carried over to later childhood development as well.

    A bonus throughout are the photographs and the continuity of prefacing each section with a portion of Ferguson’s The Birthday Story, which depicts an angel coming to earth to join their family as a child.

    In short, this book is a fast read, but not a shallow one. There is much to read, enjoy, and ponder in the future, and may be a good choice for a new mother’s book club, (assuming, of course, that any new mother would want to join such a thing). However, the brevity of the book, combined with the feeling of sitting around the table gathering the wisdom of wise women and experienced mothers in reading it may encourage new and harried parents to want to share and discuss the contents with their friends.