Transformational Teaching

Waldorf-inspired Methods in the Public School

Mary Goral



Transformational Teaching carries within it the quality of “aliveness,” an enthusiasm of heart and mind, that Steiner said again and again must always accompany any teaching that would be of true worth for the future of humanity.  The original Waldorf School founded in Stuttgart in 1919 was, in today’s parlance, a charter school.  It was chartered under the Department of Education of the state of Wurttemburg, Germany, which included educational goals by grade that the school agreed to meet.  The students were tested, both in writing and by state inspectors who arrived annually to conduct oral examinations.  Steiner’s curriculum for that school was a beautiful marriage addressing the needs of that society, children, humanity’s future, and the spiritual world.  This curriculum was indeed a sacred act; it was also an act of human kindness and an answer to the practical needs of that place and that time. 

Mary Goral and her colleagues have carried this founding impulse forward into the public school system, working tirelessly and with love to integrate the Waldorf approach into the classrooms offering public education.  Her book both documents the appropriateness and excellent results of Waldorf education, and also inspires with examples of “public Waldorf” at work on behalf of the students it reaches.  It is exciting and hopeful to read Transformational Teaching.  We hope that it helps to positively transform the education for many, many students.

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