Color and Gesture

The Inner Life of Color

Reg Down


"Phonebook" length - with hundreds of line drawings by the author


Reg Down’s Color and Gesture is a monumental work that explores in depth and with beauty the inner life of color as expressed through eurythmy and Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual vision.  What appears is a world of incredible richness, depth and beauty in the most common, unlikely and unexpected of places: that of gesture.  Gesture reveals the human soul, and the fabric of the soul is color; as a result, we find that the souls’ infinite expressiveness, with all its goodness, pathos, waywardness and humor, is intimately woven through with color experiences.

When we approach gesture via color, we discover whole gesture families, with, at times, the most unforeseen of bedfellows.  We gain new insights into soul gestures, acting gestures, animal, planetary and zodiac gestures.  The underlying eurythmic gestures of speech and music are also explored, and we learn to expreience how the color chords and underlying gesure are themselves a structured, musically-ordered language.

When we approach color via gesture, we find inner laws, relationships and dynamics that allow us to gain, via artistic activity, not only a deeper understanding of color as a whole, but also a conscious foothold in the astral and etheric worlds.

~ from the author’s description with additions of my own – this is an amazing book!

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