You Can’t Play Here!

Angus Corby



You Can't Play Here!

Gregor’s grandfather had been a piper and he’s always wanted to be one, too.  When he’s given a set of bagpipes for his birthday, he couldn’t be happier.  But then, he starts to play them.  No one, not even the creatures of the field and the birds of the air, want to listen to Gregor practice those loud, squawky pipes!  Gregor is about ready to give up when he stops to rest in the very large garden that is owned by a very nice lady with two Corgis.  She offers him the use of her garden, and Gregor couldn’t be happier.  There’s a very special surprise in store, too, when Gregor learns in the nicest way possible who the very nice lady is.

Sweet, charming, happy – lovely for ages 3-6.


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