Home Nursing for Carers

Tineke van Bentheim

Originally published as Caring for the Sick at Home



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When the original edition was published in the 1980’s, it became a mainstay at our home.  I used it for all manner of illnesses and injuries – we had 3 small children, so I was given plenty of opportunity to become familiar with this book.  It is a wonderful resource – very clear instructions and very effective remedies and aides.  I strongly recommend that you make it a part of your healing basket – you’ll turn to it often and be glad you did.

This book covers all aspects of general home nursing, including the arrangement of the patient’s room, meals, taking a temperature, and washing the patient. It also details numerous holistic treatments, including herbal and plant remedies, baths, foot baths, compresses, and poultices. Also included are sections specifically on pregnancy, birth, sleep, nursing the terminally ill, and death.

Here is a comprehensive guide for holistic home care, especially for those nursing children and adults through an illness.

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