A Portrait of Camphill

From Founding Seed to Worldwide Movement

Edited by Jan Martin Bang

Over 150 full color photographs



The Camphill Movement is a worldwide network of homes and villages for children and adults with special needs. Inspired by the vision of its founder Karl König and a group of close associates, the growth of the Camphill Movement is the story of an idea about community as a basis for special needs education, therapy, and daily living.

The world in which Camphill was born was one that barely exists today. In 1940, during the ravages of a brutal and devastating war and under tremendous resistance and the most challenging of circumstances, Camphill was like a seed planted in the foreign, granite-strewn soil of northern Scotland. Some seventy years later, the Camphill seed has taken root, grown, flourished, flowered, and propagated into many countries.

This book, bursting with more than 150 photographs, is a joyful celebration of the story of Camphill. The fascinating feature articles cover everything from the history of Camphill to the development of individual communities around the world, as well as the future challenge of sharing Camphill’s message in an even wider world. This portrait is painted through debates that affect the whole Camphill movement and through the personal stories of those who make up its communities.

This is a beautiful book, filled with pictures, memories, and stories, and above all filled with the people who have made Camphill what it is today.

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