The Children of the Curative Education Course

Wilhelm Uhlenhoff



I believe this is one of the most significant books to be published in the field of therapeutic education and medicine. Those of you who are familiar with Education for Special Needs, know from it that Steiner observed many children and gave movement, speech, and other pedagogical therapies for each of them according to their needs. The Children of the Curative Education Course brings these children and their families to life as full human beings, and follows the progress of the children sometimes all the way to old age.

The Children of the Curative Course

Ita Wegman among the children and co-workers at the Sonnenhof

This makes Steiner’s recommendations so much more meaningful and clear in both their intent and their effects.  Getting to meet these children and understand both their developmental/medical situation as well as their family backgrounds adds an element of heart that simply breathes life into what could become just a clinical recitation of remedies and effectiveness.  There are many, many black and white photographs of the children, often photos of each child through the different stages of their lives.  Uhlenhoff’s notes offer detailed pictures of the children and of the therapies, both pedagogical and medical.  They also offer a warm commentary on the children’s lives and progress, as well as anecdotes, some told by the children themselves as adults.

The richness of The Children of the Curative Education Course is multifaceted and deep.  Some of the stories are heartbreaking, some uplifting, all of them allow us insight into very special lives.  Through this insight, I believe each of us will find new and fresh ways to help others and to help ourselves. This book will plant many seeds of goodness.

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