The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy

A Christmas Tale

Reg Down

Illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings by the author



The Cricket and the Shepherd

Who but Reg Down could bring us a new Christmas story that glows with such warmth and beauty?  The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy  is a gift for the Season of Love.  The author’s paintings filling each page evoke a wholesome joy that resonnates in wonderful ways with the story itself.  I can tell as I hold this book that it will carry its message and its warmth far – families throughout the world will mark the Christmas season by taking it off the shelf and reading it each year.  And then it will live on in the hearts of the children and adults who hear it.  The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy is a treasure.

The story:  

A young shepherd hears a cricket singing at his feet. The cricket speaks to him and foretells that the coming winter will be both special and especially cold. Then he disappears back into the grass.

The winter is indeed especially harsh, but on a star-studded night the cricket and the shepherd boy make their way to a manger huddled low between two hills. There they find a mother and father with a child who radiates light and warmth into the world.

This innocent and warmhearted nativity tale is intended for parents to read to their children at Christmas time. While the story itself is timeless, this tale is most suitable for children from preschool to grade four or five.

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