Sewing Dolls

Karin Neuschütz

In collaboration with Kerstin Rehnman

Softbound - Richly illustrated with patterns, drawings and color photographs


Sewing Dolls

Dolls out for a stroll


Getting out the sewing basket is never more fun than when it is to create a new doll for a child.  Karin Neuschütz’s Sewing Dolls can make such a project even more joyful.  She shows clearly how to make just about every sort of soft doll I’ve ever seen or heard of, and she does this with step-by-step instructions, patterns you can trace or photocopy, and beautiful color photographs and drawings that give you every detail you’ll need to make your own dolls for the children in your life.  Sewing Dolls will become a treasured resource and an uplifting inspiration for both beginners and dollmaking experts wherever it is used.

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