Understanding What We Eat and How It Affects Us - The Story of Human Nutrition

Wendy E. Cook



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Foodwise is the best-ever-written account of nutrition from the perspective of Anthroposophy (and includes some great recipes!). The account is wonderfully enhanced because, rather than the somewhat clinical accounts previously available, Wendy Cook’s not only brings us the facts but laces them with her own enthusiasm for food and for cooking (she was personal cook to many British celebrities many years before she wrote Foodwise).

When her daughter became ill, Wendy Cook began to study the deep aspects of nutrition, particularly the effects of different foods on human health and consciousness. In Foodwise she presents a cornucopia of ideas, advice and commentary, informed by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Cook relates human evolution to changes in consciousness and the consumption of different foods, considering among other topics the importance of agricultural methods, the nature of the human being, the significance of grasses and grains, the mystery of human digestion and the question of vegetarianism. She also analyzes the nutritional (or otherwise) qualities of carbohydrates, minerals, fats and oils, milk and dairy products, herbs and spices, salt and sweeteners, stimulants, legumes, the nightshade family, bread, water and dietary supplements. She ends this comprehensive survey of nutrition with practical tips on cooking, planning menus, children’s food and sharing meals—and some mouth-watering recipes!

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