The Individuality of Colour

Contributions to a Methodical Schooling in Colour Experience

Elisabeth Wagner-Koch and Gerard Wagner

Foreword by Sregei O. Prokofieff

Translation by Peter Stebbing

Hardbound, hundreds of full color illustrations


“What is postulated here is not the dogmatic laying down of a way of working. Rather the aim is to make evident one possible means of access to an experience of the color world … and guide actual practice to Rudolf Steiner’s sketch motifs—to their eminent educational power—for we recognize in them a path that can become of great significance to the developing human soul.” (from the introduction)

This unique workbook describes the early stages of training for painters, teachers, as well as for beginners. The stages are based on recommendations by Rudolf Steiner for the development of a renewed art of painting for our time. The book draws on Steiner’s indications for teaching painting in the first Waldorf school, his lectures on color and art, and sketches he made for painters. Together, they form a self-contained system of exercises for a new, spiritually alive art.


  • Line, Black and White Drawing and Colour
  • On Painting Instruction in Schools
  • Basic Requirements of a Training Path
  • Pictorial Art in the Service of Human Education
  • The Working Together of Three Colours – Yellow-Blue-Red
  • Measure, Number and Weight
  • The Training Motifs of Rudolf Steiner
  • The Sun Motif
  • The Four Elements
  • What Is Balance?
  • The Directions of Space and Their Inherent Qualities
  • The Tree Motif
  • Image Colours and Lustre Colours
  • The Moon Motif
  • The Animal Motif
  • The Plant Motif
  • The Motif of the Human Being
  • The Cosmic Colour Circle

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